The Camera

Every canvas, including the default canvas scene, contains a camera. By default, the camera points at the center of the scene, and zooms in or out to get all objects into its field of view. Also by default, the user can zoom in or out, rotate the camera around the scene, and pan up and down or left and right.

User control of the camera

scene.userzoom = True User can zoom in and out of the scene. Default True

scene.userspin = True User can rotate camera. Default True

scene.userpan = True User can pan across the scene. Default True

scene.autoscale = True Camera automatically zooms out to keep all objects in view. Default True

Program control of the view


The diagram above depicts the attributes of scene discussed below and indicates their relationships. Location toward which the camera continually looks. Default <0,0,0>.

scene.forward Vector pointing in the direction in which the camera points. Default <0,0,-1>. Magnitude of this vector is ignored. If scene.forward is changed, the camera is moved to a position from which scene.forward points at

scene.range Distance from to edge of canvas. For a rectangular canvas range is the shorter of the two possible distances (the y direction for a canvas that is wider than it is tall).

scene.fov Field of view of the camera in radians. Changes automatically if scene.autoscale is True.

scene.up A vector perpendicular to scene.forward. By default <0,1,0>. Changing scene.up rotates the camera around the z axis.

Manipulating the camera directly


You may need to manipulate the camera directly if, for example, you are doing a fly-through of the scene: The position of the camera. Changes automatically if scene.autoscale is True. Changing changes to + The current direction in which the camera is pointing. = - Changing changes scene.forward and NOTE: it is possible to point the camera in a direction in which there is nothing to see., axis=myaxis, origin=myorigin) Resets the center of the scene to the current position of myobject. To turn off following set:

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