VPython license

VPython (c) Copyright 2011, 2023 David Scherer and Bruce Sherwood

VPython by David Scherer and Bruce Sherwood is licensed under CC BY 4.0

VPython is an open source project. It is free to use or modify, within the terms of the license.

History and Contributors

Current developers include: Bruce Sherwood, Steve Spicklemire, Matt Craig, and John Coady. Ruth Chabay works on documentation.

WebVPython uses RapydScript-NG. Copyright (c) 2015-, Kovid Goyal <kovid@kovidgoyal.net> Copyright (c) 2013-2014, Alexander Tsepkov <atsepkov@pyjeon.com> All rights reserved.

Handling touch events is thanks to jQuery UI Touch Punch of David Furfero. See http://touchpunch.furf.com.

(Implementation of spin/rotate/drag was independent of Touch Punch.)

Salvatore di Dio demonstrated in his RapydGlow experiment (http://salvatore.pythonanywhere.com/RapydGlow) how he was able to use the RapydScript Python-to-JavaScript compiler with GlowScript graphics. This inspired the implementation of the VPython (vpython.org) API at glowscript.org. He provided the file papercomp.js for operator overloading, based on the work of Juerg Lehni (PaperScript: http://scratchdisk.com/posts/operator-overloading). He also assembled support for operator overloading and the ability to write synchronous code

in the file transform-all.js, based on the work of Bruno Jouhier (Streamline: https://github.com/Sage/streamlinejs), and Marijn Haverbeke (Acorn.js: https://github.com/marijnh).

Supporting the VPython API in a browser is possible thanks to the work of Alexander Tsepkov (RapydScript: https://bitbucket.org/pyjeon/rapydscript) and Charles Law (browser-based RapydScript: http://pyjeon.pythonanywhere.com/static/rapydscript_online/index.html) and Kovid Goyal (RapdScript-NG) RapydScript-NG: https://github.com/kovidgoyal/rapydscript-ng

When the GlowScript project was launched in 2011 by David Scherer and Bruce Sherwood, Scherer implemented operator overloading and synchronous code using libraries existing at that time. In 2015 it became necessary to upgrade to newer libraries because compilation failed on some browsers.

Tessellation with multiple holes, JavaScript version: https://github.com/r3mi/poly2tri.js For explanation of poly2tri, see http://sites-final.uclouvain.be/mema/Poly2Tri

Font manipulation: https://github.com/nodebox/opentype.js Public-domain sans serif font Roboto-Medium.ttf from http://www.1001freefonts.com/roboto.font Public-domain serif font NimbusRomNo9L-Med.otf from http://www.1001fonts.com/nimbus-roman-no9-l-font.html