To output text to a scrolling text area (a field beneath the canvas in WebVPython; the console if using the vpython package in Python), you can use the standard Python print() function. Standard Python formatting options are available.

For WebVPython only, you can control the width and height of the print region:

  • width (scalar) – Width of print region.

  • height (scalar) – Height of print region.

  • readonly (boolean) – If True, user cannot edit text in print region. Default True (but user can still copy output text).

  • digits (scalar) – If digits=4 then 123.456 will display as 123.4. Default is 6.

  • pos (string) – Position of print area with respect to the canvas. Default is “bottom” (under the canvas). If you set pos=”right” print are will appear to the right of the canvas, assuming the window is wide enough.

  • place (anchor location) – If place=scene.title.anchor print area will be in the title region. scene.caption.anchor is also possible.

To copy the text in the print area:


To erase everything in the print area:


To delete the entire print region: